Learn Astrology – An Introduction

Astrology is an extremely vast subject. It's not simply about the horoscope you've read in the Sunday newspaper--because the blurb you read in the paper takes a very shallow look at only one of those little symbols (known as glyphs) in the astrology chart below. So, if you're a beginner and have decided to finally buckle down and learn astrology, … [Read more...]

Learn Astrology – The Natural Chart

In our previous lesson, we learned that gaining mastery in astrology takes years of dedication, study, and practice, however, there are basic fundamentals which all astrologers need to know which can be learned fairly quickly with some solid effort. The Astrology Fundamentals All Astrologers Need to Know Below is a graphical representation of … [Read more...]

Learn Astrology – Zodiac Sign Glyph Symbols

In our previous lesson, we learned that we can get a solid foundation of the fundamentals of astrology by studying the "Natural Chart" (aka Natural Horoscope, Flat Chart, or Flat Wheel) and that it displays the natural order of the basic components involved in astrology. We learned that there are 12 houses which are  always ordered 1 - 12 in a … [Read more...]

Learn Astrology – Zodiac Signs & Houses

In our previous lesson, we learned the glyph symbols which represent the signs of the zodiac: Aries   Libra Taurus   Scorpio Gemini   Sagittarius Cancer   Capricorn Leo   Aquarius Virgo   Pisces If you cannot name (and spell) the zodiac … [Read more...]

Learn Astrology – Planets & Rulers

In our previous lesson, we learned that a certain zodiac sign naturally corresponds to each house, like so: If you do not know which sign naturally corresponds to each house, review this material and do the exercises until you can ace the quizzes. It’s important to know those fundamentals before moving on. Planetary Rulers of the Zodiac … [Read more...]