Spencer Grendahl

  • Specialties :  Personal chart analysis, synastry/relationships, predictive astrology
  • Location :  Los Angeles, CA

astrologer - Spencer GrendahlSpencer Grendahl has been an astrologer since 1982 when he began studying under the tutelage of internationally known astrologer, Marion March. At that time, and to this day, he is a well- known palmist. Coming from a background of teaching, writing, and speaking, Spencer is the author of the astrology book, “Astrology and the Games People Play” and the palmistry book, “The Palmistry of Romance.”

He has been featured on several TV shows: “So You Think You’ve Got Troubles,” “Liar! Liar!” “What’s My Line?” “Psychic Court” (a pilot), “Leeza,” and has been the Fox News astrological consultant for the O.J. Simpson trial (and predicted OJ would walk!). Spencer has additionally appeared on local media such as “Good Morning LA,” “Eye on LA,” and many others.

He has lectured at UAC and other conventions, as well as local groups like NCGR and SCAN. He has contributed widely-read articles to both book anthologies and magazines.

Spencer is Co-Founder of the Santa Monica Astrological MeetUp Group–the oldest and largest astrological group in Los Angeles. He enjoys lecturing on topics involving natal chart analysis as well as synastry, psychological, mythological, and cross cultural studies. He enjoys electional chart work as well as predictive work in transits, progressions, and directions.

He degrees from Brown and Harvard universities and has written one movie, “Street Soldiers” (1991). Other works of his include his most recent book, “The Secrets of Love, sayings by Grendahl, the Palmist” and the novel, “The Mad Dog Press.”

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