Learn Astrology – An Introduction

Astrology is an extremely vast subject. It’s not simply about the horoscope you’ve read in the Sunday newspaper–because the blurb you read in the paper takes a very shallow look at only one of those little symbols (known as glyphs) in the astrology chart below. So, if you’re a beginner and have decided to finally buckle down and learn astrology, I’m going on the record to say that it will likely take much longer (years longer) than you may expect.

astrology-birth-chartLogic & Interpretation

To be a competent astrologer, there are two facets of astrology that need to be mastered: the logical side and the interpretive side. Take a look at the astrology chart to the left. The logical side, the facts, are things like: the planet Venus is in the sign of Pisces; there are 12 zodiac signs;  Jupiter is in Aries in the 1st House, etc. The interpretive side goes into what those facts actually mean, for example, BECAUSE Venus is in Pisces in the 12th house, and is opposed by Uranus, THEN this person is likely to feel that love is somewhat of an unattainable illusion given a strong desire for love combined with a strong need for freedom…etc.

The interpretive side is the side that takes serious time and dedication to master. It is the artistic side of astrology, and as with any art, one needs to practice it in order to learn and grow with it, and eventually head towards mastery.


Competent astrologers abound. But there are truly amazing astrologers out there who add their finely-tuned intuition to the equation. Can intuition be learned? I don’t have the answer to that but I believe intuition naturally flows from mastery. If one has a passion for astrology and masters the logical and interpretive sides, I believe that intuition will naturally follow.

The Fundamentals

Well, the good news here is that the logical/factual side–the basic fundamentals–of astrology are very straightforward and can be learned fairly quickly with some solid effort. And only until the fundamentals are learned, can one begin to unveil what an astrology chart is truly trying to tell us. So, let’s look at the basic fundamentals that any student of astrology must know to begin their journey.

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Learn Astrology – The Fundamentals All Astrologers Need to Know