Learn Astrology – Glyphs of the Planets

In our previous lesson, we learned that the astrological houses and zodiac signs (blue) have a natural planetary ruler (yellow/red/pink) as show below:

Planetary Rulers - Zodiac Signs - Houses

Glyph Symbols of the Planets

Check out the glyph symbols of the planets in the chart below. Note that, technically, the Sun and Moon are luminaries, not planets, but in astrology they are classified as planets. Learn the planetary glyphs now. It’s important to commit these to memory before moving on to another lesson. There are exercises below to help you learn, as well as an online quiz.

glyph symbol Sun Sun   glyph symbol planet Jupiter Jupiter
glyph symbol Moon Moon   glyph symbol planet Saturn Saturn
glyph symbol planet Mercury Mercury   glyph symbol planet Uranus Uranus
glyph symbol planet Venus Venus   glyph symbol planet Neptune Neptune
glyph symbol planet Mars Mars   glyph symbol planet Pluto Pluto

Planet Earth?

glyph symbol earthThis is the glyph symbol for Earth. You may have noticed that it isn’t listed in the chart above. That’s because we’re concerned with where the other planets are in relation to it. So Earth is assumed to be the center point on an astrology chart.

Learn astrologyLEARN ASTROLOGY

To help you learn, do the following exercises. Once you’ve mastered the material, test your knowledge with the astrology quiz below.

  • Exercise #1 – Glyphs > Planets

    1. Print this PDF of the glyph symbols of the planets
    2. Write down the names of the planets next to their glyph symbols
  • Exercise #2 – Planets > Glyphs

    1. Print this PDF of the names of the planets
    2. Draw the appropriate glyph symbol for each planet


When you feel you’ve mastered the material, test your knowledge with this online astrology quiz:

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Learn Astrology – Planetary Rulers